Skindred become unlikely TikTok stars as ‘Nobody’ dance trend takes over app

“Tried the dance that shit ain’t easy”

Reggae metal band Skindred have become unexpected TikTok stars after their song ‘Nobody’ sparked a new dance trend on the social media platform.

TikTok user @ayoshin shared a video of himself and a friend dancing to the Welsh band’s 2005 single ‘Nobody’ on the app last week, kickstarting the trend.

Since then, the track has been used by creators in more than 1,000 videos, with millions of views across these clips. The hashtags #Skindred and #reggaemetal have also seen an uptick, with the former now having over 6.8million views and the latter 623,000 video views.


Skindred frontman Benji Webbe has now responded to the trend with his own video, trying out Shin’s choreography. “Seen people posting our song nobody,” Webbe wrote on his video. “Tried the dance that shit ain’t easy.”



♬ original sound – benjiwebbe


We did it in public! Dc:me tag away 😂😂😂

♬ Nobody – Skindred

Some of those partaking in the trend are discovering Skindred for the first time through TikTok. “Idk what I’ve stumbled apon but its fye,” one user captioned their own video. Others are celebrating the track’s resurgence. “All the kids on here learning this song exist,” one wrote on their video. “Us OGs RAGING cuz this banger is making a comeback.”


Idk what ive stumbled apon but its fye #fy #fyp

♬ Nobody – Skindred



♬ Nobody – Skindred


See more videos of the trend below.


DC: @Shin this is lit💀🖤🦇 #goths #goth #alt #alttiktok #gothic #gothblackgirl #gothgirl #gothstyle #dark #gothicstyle #blackgoths #alternative #gothtok #gothicgirl #metalhead #gothsoftiktok #dark #gothicgothgoths #black #alternativegirl #gothgirls #hardrock #gothicfyp #gothlife #afrogoth #vampire #gothiclife #darkaesthetic #altgirl

♬ Nobody – Skindred


no because we be lit to everything #fyp #trending #foryou #afrobeats #dancehall #jamacia

♬ Nobody – Skindred


DC: in tags

♬ Nobody – Skindred


Last month, Skindred were confirmed as one of the support acts for KISS’ final UK shows. The tour will kick off in Plymouth on June 3 and run until July 8, when it wraps up in Glasgow.

“BOOM! Opportunities do not come much bigger than sharing a stage with the ultimate Rock n Roll Legends that are KISS,” Webbe said. “All in, Skindred are super hyped and excited to be on this bill adding to the party spirit, what a thrill! Let’s rock ‘n roll all night and party every day. Bring it on!”

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