Skrillex accuses Deadmau5 of ‘bullying’ during Twitter beef

The former friends are currently involved in a public spat

Skrillex has hit out at fellow electronic producer Deadmau5 as the pair were embroiled in a public disagreement over Twitter.

Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, was among the first big name artists to help support Skrillex as he began his career as a producer and DJ. However, Deadmau5 recently criticised Skrillex’s music, asking “what the fuck is this shit?” about Jack Ü single ‘I Need Ü’. The single was produced by Skrillex alongside Diplo and features Justin Bieber on vocals.

Now, Skrillex has publicly accused Deadmau5 of “bullying” in tweets posted online over the weekend.

Seemingly taking offence to continued jibes from Deadmau5, Skrillex wrote: “I’m forever grateful for the mau5’s early support but the reality is sad. He’s shriveling In his own pile of hatful [shit]”.


He later called Deadmau5 a “sad old washed up asshole”, before adding: “you can ignore bullying but at some point you have to stand up for yourself and your friends”.

Deadmau5 responded by making another reference to Skrillex’s recent work with Bieber, saying: “Lemme borrow the lil popstar for a week, mash together a radio hit in 23 minutes”.

See the tweets in full below.