The Game and Skrillex team up on ‘El Chapo’ – listen

The single is one of "about 700 songs" recorded for The Documentary 2

The Game and Skrillex have teamed up for a new track entitled ‘El Chapo’, produced by Bangladesh alongside Skrillex.

The song is a reference to Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo, who was once considered one of the most powerful people in the world, and has been on the run (again) since July, having escaped from prison. He escaped from the shower area of his cell via a tunnel to a house over 1km away. A manhunt is still ongoing.

The Game has said in interview that he recorded “about 700 songs” for ‘The Documentary 2’, from which this song was taken. The first part of the album was released on Friday (October 9), and the second part (‘The Documentary 2.5’) is expected next Friday, October 16.

Amongst numerous others, the pair of releases feature Dr Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Drake and Ice Cube.


Singles ‘100’ and ‘Standing On Ferraris’ have already been launched ahead of the albums.

Back in 2013, The Game undertook a project to give away $1 million of his own money in a year, including paying for the funeral of a six-year-old girl. The sequel to his acclaimed album ‘The Documentary’ has been over a decade in the making, though there have been five other studio albums in the meantime.

Skrillex, meanwhile, has worked with Babymetal and Diplo over the past few weeks.

Listen to the collaborative track below: