16 people hospitalised after drug overdoses at Skrillex concert

Several of those taken to hospital were underage

Reports say that 16 people were taken to hospital after suffering drug overdoses at a Skrillex concert at Navy Pier in Chicago over the weekend.

The gig in question took place on Saturday night (October 18), with the individuals involved thought to be young, several of them underage.

Andrew Bazos, who was in charge of safety at the show, told NBC Chicago: “If their parents were there, they would have gone home with their parents… It’s not fair to make the promoter take care of kids who don’t know how to behave… They’re young, and they’re often irresponsible.”

SFX, who promoted the show, added: “We’re very strict at the doors so that people don’t bring bad things in. I personally think that the more that word gets out there, the better.”

In August, two gig-goers died at Diplo’s Mad Decent Block Party festival. Police also issued 50 citations for underage drinking and made three arrests at the event: one for an assault on a police officer, one for domestic assault and one for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Skrillex spoke about drug problems in the EDM scene earlier this year, telling The Toronto Sun: “The tragedies that get reported are within a minority of shows. And although those are tragic and shouldn’t be overlooked, you can’t blame an idea for how a culture has taken it and run with it”.