Skrillex: ‘I’d love to work with Kasabian’

DJ reveals he will play three secret shows at Glastonbury this year

Skrillex says he’d like to work with Kasabian – if the vibe was right.

Speaking to NME backstage at Glastonbury, Skrillex said he is a fan of the Leicester rockers.

“I love Kasabian,” he said. “I’d work with them for sure, if it was natural and there was a vibe. Who knows what it would sound like – you never plan it.”

Skrillex, who headlines The Other Stage on Friday (June 27), revealed that he is playing no less than three secret sets this year, including two after his 10.30pm headline slot. The DJ and producer will be performing in a new version of his trademark spaceship,which has been worked on by members of the team behind Glastonbury’s Block 9 area.

He also said that he’ll be watching Metallica on Saturday night. “I definitely want to see Metallica – they’re going to fucking kill it,” he said. “What do you think? It’s Metallica. Between the times I’ve played with Metallica and even when I was young, just seeing them, they’re so good live. The crowds are always crazy and they’re so cool.”

Skrillex made his Glastonbury debut in 2013, and performed a number of secret sets across the site. “I was supposed to only be here a day but I had the weekend off, which is very rare, so we ended up staying the whole weekend. I popped my Glastonbury cherry in a big way,” he said. “I like festivals, and this is my favourite time of the year. But Glastonbury is obviously special.”

Skrillex also revealed that he’s soon to release music under the Jack U moniker– his project with Major Lazer main man Diplo. “I’m just finishing this thing with Diplo, under the Jack U name. People think my music is already obnoxious. Our music together is crazy – but it goes off,” he said.