Skrillex planning to release more new music this year

US producer will "sprinkle in some singles and mini-EPs throughout the year"

Skrillex has said that he plans to release more new music this year, with one-off singles and EPs planned.

The US producer’s debut album ‘Recess’ was released in March of this year and features guests including Ragga Twins, Chance The Rapper, Diplo and Passion Pit vocalist Michael Angelakos.

However, in a new interview with Billboard, Skrillex says that he already has plans for new material. “In the electronic world, it’s not as necessary to just release albums,” he says. “So even though I just put this record (‘Recess’) out, I’m going to sprinkle in some singles and mini-EPs throughout the year.”

Elsewhere in the interview he says that putting out a full length album, “doesn’t feel that much different for me” and states that he has been conversing with Diplo about his fellow producer’s work with Madonna. “He’s been texting me some videos and stuff. We talk probably ever day and we always send each other shit every day, for sure.”

He also says he has made, “the craziest Skrillex sounds I could ever make” for his work on the upcoming Transformers film.

Speaking to NME earlier this year discussed his “punk rock and DIY culture” as well as the aggressive reaction some people had to his music early on in his career, saying “physical violence is not who I am.”