Skrillex says sales of debut album ‘Recess’ are ‘trivial’

Producer surprised fans with first full-length record earlier this week

Skrillex has said that the release of his debut album ‘Recess’ is “not about politics or major labels”, stating that sales figures for the album are “trivial.”

The album announcement came as a surprise yesterday (March 11) with fans able to stream the record in its entirety via the Alien Ride app, which was released on March 7. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes now, and will be officially released on March 18.

Speaking to NME about the 10 things you need to know about ‘Recess’, the producer and DJ said that he has never really promoted his music and that he was not trying to copy Beyoncé’s tactic of dropping an album on fans with no warning.

“None of my records have ever had any marketing,” he says. “They were all announced the day of release, just like this one was. I just wanted to get it out rather than have all the speculation that can come with albums first. It’s great to see the effect it has on people and the positivity you can create, too. Thousands and thousands of people downloaded the free app, like, 30,000 in the same day. So people who got the record first are the people who actually care.” Later on he states: “Record sales are trivial.”

Elsewhere, Skrillex talks about the humour in his song titles and explains how he came to work with the likes of Diplo and Chance The Rapper, describing the album as being like the modern equivalent to The Grateful Dead’s Festival Express. He stated: “It’s about putting that energy back into the music industry. It’s not about politics, it’s not about major labels; it’s about artists getting together and creating something and being free.”

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