Skrillex photographed with controversial academic Jordan Peterson

The controversial academic was previously pictured with Mumford & Sons

Skrillex has been pictured backstage with controversial academic Jordan Peterson.

The producer was photographed with Peterson after attending one of his talks in Miami Beach.

“Good to see you yesterday @Skrillex,” tweeted Peterson before sharing a photo of the two together with the caption, “Guess who.”


Skrillex did not share the photo or comment on the picture on any of his social media pages.

Peterson’s views on subjects such as feminism and gender identity have been criticised in the past. He has previously claimed that Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons”, that white privilege is a “Marxist lie”, and that “The idea that women were oppressed throughout history is an appalling theory.”

More recently, Peterson has likened Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates as an imitation of “a totalitarian state.”

Mumford & Sons previously faced criticism after they were pictured with Peterson.


At the time, then guitarist Winston Marshall explained how he invited Peterson to the band’s London studio after becoming fascinated with his work on psychology.

“I primarily was very interested in Dr. Peterson’s work on psychology, read both his books and found it very, very interesting, and met him [through] a mutual acquaintance and invited him down to the studio whilst he was in London on tour, which was very interesting and one of many interesting visits [from various figures] we had in the studio,” he previously said.

Marshall quit the group last summer after controversy was raised over a since-deleted tweet in which he praised right-wing author Andy Ngo.

Last week, the ex-Mumford & Sons guitarist also wrote a piece for Bari Weiss’ Substack criticising artists taking action against Spotify.

In the essay entitled ‘When Artists Become the Censors’, Marshall took aim at those he believes are threatening free speech, including Neil Young, who recently pulled his music from Spotify.

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