Skullcrusher pays homage to Nick Drake in new single

Helen Ballentine recalls times she felt "viscerally intertwined" with Nick Drake's music in this new track

Skullcrusher, the project of singer-songwriter Helen Ballentine – has released a new track ‘Song For Nick Drake‘, half a year on from the release of her debut EP.

The new single has similarities to Skullcrusher’s previous releases, with a focus on acoustic guitar, banjo, ambient synth and Ballentine’s delicate vocals. A music video, created by Ballentine and producer Noah Weinman, has also been released.

Listen to ‘Song For Nick Drake’ below:


In a statement, Ballentine went into detail about her relationship with Nick Drake’s music. Prior to his death in 1978 at age 26, he released three studio albums.

“[The song] recalls moments in my life that are viscerally intertwined with his music, specifically times spent walking and taking the train,” Ballentine said. “The song is really my homage to music and the times I felt most immersed in it.”

‘Song For Nick Drake’ follows on from Skullcrusher’s October single, ‘Farm’, which she released along with a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Lift’.

Skullcrusher released her debut self-titled EP in July last year. NME gave the four-track record a four-star review upon its release, describing it as “a welcome, tender collection”.


“Sure, [the EP] takes us to an alternate reality where Joan Baez might renounce her peaceful activism to join hands with Napalm Death, but the resulting songs hint at a vital new artist within indie’s more delicate ecosystem.”

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