Bass player Cass tells NME.COM they won't be around for a while...

SKUNK ANANSIE plan to take a break for “most” of 2001 – so singer SKIN can record a solo album and each individual member can concentrate on “other projects”.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, bass player Cass said the decision has been made by the band following “six years on the road”. He said: “We’re taking some time out actually, taking a year off, doing other things, other projects because we’ve been six years on the road. (We’ll be away) most of next year I should think, but we’ll see.”

Speaking in an interview on [url=], Skin has revealed the writing for her as-yet-untitled solo album will take place in Nice, France, and that 34 songs have already been written for the project. She said: “The whole album is going to be based on songs with loads of good lyrics and melodies. I’ve been writing from September onwards.


“I just wanted to do something which was quite different and the thing is when you are touring with a band it’s completely consuming. It means that it gets really difficult to do loads of other different stuff. This year I wanted to take time out for myself and do some stuff for myself and the rest of the band kind of felt the same way. Once you’ve done three albums it’s kind of easy to just keep going and to go sort of stale. We felt that was beginning to happen and we didn’t want that to happen so we thought we would give ourselves a break and then come back with a new style and a new kind of flavour.”

Skin describes the process as “quite classic song writing”, saying the tracks so far are “almost painfully simple” but also “quite political”.

She anticipates the record will be written by the end of this year, with recording commencing “in the beginning of next year”.

A spokesperson for the band told NME.COM that there is no firm release date for the project.