Lemmy! The Stranglers! And, erm Gay Dad!!!

LEMMY from MOTORHEAD, GAY DAD‘s CLIFF JONES, JJ BURNELL from THE STRANGLERS and SAFFRON from REPUBLICA have all recorded vocals for the solo album by SKUNK ANANSIE guitarist ACE.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, Skunk Anansie split earlier in the week after seven years. Details are now emerging about the band’s various solo projects, and Ace has confirmed he has asked a selection of his “rock mates” to appear on his forthcoming project.

Speaking on the official Skunk Anansie website, [url=], Ace said: “Firstly I wrote and programmed the music for the songs, and then asked musician friends to record them with me, before I sent the tapes to the singers to write the lyrics. I decided to produce the album myself…the musicians played amazingly and we had a lot of fun.”

All the former members of Skunk Anansie will also appear on the record.

The tracklisting for the album is (not in order):

‘Jet to California’ – (featuring Jason Perry from A)

‘X Amount’ – (featuring Heitham Al Sayed from Senser)

‘Skiers of Texas’ – (featuring JJ Burnell from The Stranglers)

‘There’s No Pleasin’ Some People’ – (featuring Saffron from Republica)

’45 Grave’ – (featuring Cliff Jones from Gay Dad)

‘Back Up’

‘Between You and Me’ – (featuring Skin)


‘Il Piu Grande Di Tutti I DJ’

‘Murder’ – (featuring Lemmy from Motorhead)

‘No Fear Of Falling’

‘Your Face Hurts’ – (featuring Yap from One Minute Silence)

The as-yet-untitled album should follow later in the year, although a release date is yet to be finalised, according to a spokesperson for the band’s label Virgin Records.