Prodigy's Maxim Reality teams up with Skunk Anansie's skin for his new solo album.

PRODIGY’S MAXIM REALITY has recorded a duet with Skunk Anansie singer SKIN for his forthcoming debut solo album, can reveal.

The track, called ‘Carmen Queasy’, is described by Maxim‘s spokesperson as “dark, edgy pop” and will be released in late May or early June as a single.

It’ll be the second track to come from the as yet untitled LP, the first being ‘My Web’, Maxim‘s solo debut, which came out in August last year.


Prodigy‘s spokesperson said Skin and Maxim had been friends for many years, and the idea for the collaboration had grown out of chats at various festivals over the years.

He said: “They’ve known each other for a while ‘cos Prodigy and Skunk Anansie have played on the same bills so many times. Maxim wanted to use Skin on the album as soon as he decided he was going to do one. The track they’ve done is great.”

As previously revealed on, Prodigy have announced their new album is to be called ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’.

A spokesperson for the band said that the band had written at least two tracks for the release, but were in the early stages of recording it. She said: “It’s all in the beginning stages at the moment, but you can already tell it’s going to be fantastic!”

She added that the band hoped to release a single before the end of the year, but that the album was not likely to se

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