Skunk Anansie’s Skin was almost eaten by a pack of hyenas on holiday

"They obviously thought I looked tasty"

Skunk Anansie singer Skin has revealed how she almost met her end after encountering a pack of baby hyenas.

The rock icon says she nearly came-a-cropper after visiting a refuge for wild animals in Namibia in 1999.

“In Namibia, I was attacked by baby hyenas at a refuge for wild animals. I was near a watering hole and a baby came up to me. Before long, I was surrounded by eight of them,” she told The Sunday Times.

“One got hold of my ankle and I fell over. They obviously thought I looked tasty. The staff were screaming and thrashing them out of the way.”

Thankfully, she made a lucky escape – although it wasn’t her only close scrape while holidaying.

She subsequently described how she almost drowned after getting caught out by the tide when spending the millennium in New Zealand.

“I kayaked for two days round South Island — in a storm — and landed on a beach in the middle of nowhere,” said Skin.

“My friend and I went trekking and came across a restaurant in the rainforest. We managed to get a proper Christmas dinner — and got drunk. When we got back to the beach, we were cut off by the tide and had to swim under moonlight to get back. My friend was terrified.”

The hair-raising holiday recollections come after Skin was forced to re-affirm her status as the first black artist to headline Glastonbury.

Last month, Stormzy took to the Pyramid Stage as the first British rapper ever to headline Glastonbury. Prior to his performance, he tweeted that he was “overwhelmed with emotions” about being the first black British artist to top the bill.

Refuting the rapper’s claim, Skin responded by saying that they “beat” him to it 20 years earlier in 1999.

Stormzy subsequently apologised for his mistake, insisting that no disrespect was intended. He offered a “massive salute” to her.