Sky Ferreira announces new film and song

Singer has been working with Primal Scream on new record 'Masochism'

Sky Ferreira has announced plans to release a new film and song.

The singer confirmed news of the film via Twitter. Currently untitled, the film has been created with director Grant Singer and written by them both. Ferreira tweeted:

“Real news: new song/film will come out this summer.Directed by @grant_singer & written by both of us. It will be a VERY cinematic”

Last month (April 7), Ferreira revealed her new album will be called ‘Masochism.’ The record is the follow up to 2013’s ‘My Time, Night Time’ and has been described by the singer as “more aggressive” than her debut.

At the end of last year she confirmed she was working with Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie on new material. Ferreira has collaborated with both Gillespie and Andrew Innes of the band and stated, “The reason I like working with them is because there’s absolutely no pressure.”

At the start of April, Ferreira, Duran Duran, The Flaming Lips and more performed at a David Lynch tribute concert in Los Angeles. Ferreira sang ‘Blue Velvet’, from the soundtrack of Lynch’s 1986 film of the same name.

Meanwhile, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith recently criticised the “chauvinistic, male-dominated music media” for their reaction to his and girlfriend Ferreira’s arrest in 2013 after being found in possession of heroin and ecstasy.

“I spent three years having tape over my mouth,” Smith said. “Even after Sky’s charges were dropped it didn’t matter because nobody was able to say anything. Sky turned into this punching bag for chauvinistic, male-dominated music media and it was so upsetting but we didn’t have a voice. Finally she put her record out and got to say all this stuff she’d been wanting to say.”