Sky Ferreira begins work on second album

She released her debut 'Night Time, My Time' earlier this year

Sky Ferreira has begun work on her second album.

The singer announced the news via her Instagram account, posting a picture of a studio mixer alongside the words “Album 2 has now begun” earlier today (August 20).

Ferreira released her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’ earlier this year in the UK. Recently, her boyfriend, DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith, said that he “fucked up” Ferreira’s life. Dicussing the pair’s 2013 arrest after being found in possession of heroin and ecstasy, Smith said he still feels guilty about the effect it had on his partner, who allegedly lost modelling jobs because of the incident.

Speaking to Stereogum, Smith said, “Basically I just was stupid. I fucked up, and it was entirely my fault, and I fucked up my girlfriend’s life. She literally didn’t do anything wrong. She basically was just a passenger in the car with a person who was out of control for a minute. She got in deep shit…”

He continued, “Her career got really fucked up because everybody thought she was a drug addict, which she’s absolutely not. That’s the worst part of it for me, that I really fucked her over.”