Sky Ferreira responds to crude interview question about nudity with ‘pervert’ put-down – watch

Singer bests Brazilian chat show host and performs 'You're Not The One'

Sky Ferreira responded to a crude question during a Brazilian TV show by joking that any fans who bought her album ‘Night Time, My Time’ purely for its artwork were perverts. Scroll down and click to watch.

The singer appeared on Brazilian TV show The Noite and was interviewed by comedian Danio Gentili, who used a translator to put his questions to Ferreira. Holding a copy of the CD, which was shot by Enter The Void director Gaspar Noé and sees the singer semi-naked in the shower, Gentili asked: “Do you think people like your music because of the songs or because of your tits?”

Ferreira replied: “The music, but it helps if you’re a pervert.” She then performed a version of her track ‘You’re Not The One’.

Earlier this month, the singer criticised iTunes, Instagram and Twitter and claimed that they did not allow her to post images of her album cover online.

“I wasn’t allowed to put my album cover on Facebook,Twitter (default) or Instagram or iTunes & most websites. Just saying,” she said on Twitter, before adding: “All I’m saying is…Instagram isn’t the issue. It’s way way way bigger. It should just be about the actual image (but who’s to judge? I guess.) more so than nudity.”

She concluded: “Because it’s nice to use some sort of social media without being molested/spammed with photos of cum filled bleeding assholes or whatever.”