Sky Ferreira criticises Instagram and Twitter over alleged online nudity policies

Singer claims she could not use NSFW album cover as avatar

Sky Ferreira has criticised iTunes, Instagram and Twitter and claimed that they did not allow her to post images of her album cover online.

The cover of Ferreira’s 2013 album ‘Night Time, My Time’ (pictured above) was shot by Enter The Void director Gaspar Noé and sees the singer semi-naked in the shower.

In a series of tweets posted last night (June 4), the singer alleges that her attempts to use the cover art as her avatar on Twitter were denied while she also claims she ran into trouble with iTunes and Instagram. “I wasn’t allowed to put my album cover on Facebook,Twitter (default) or Instagram or iTunes & most websites. Just saying,” she tweeted.

Ferreira then continued: “All I’m saying is…Instagram isn’t the issue. It’s way way way bigger. It should just be about the actual image (but who’s to judge? I guess.) more so than nudity.”

She concluded: “Because it’s nice to use some sort of social media without being molested/spammed with photos of cum filled bleeding assholes or whatever.”

The comments follow Rihanna’s personal Instagram account being suspended over images posted by the singer which were deemed inappropriate by moderators.

Sky Ferreira will perform at Field Day in London on Saturday (June 7).