Sky Ferreira: “No one believed in my album”

The singer also opens up about the "vulnerability" of 'Night Time, My Time'

Sky Ferreira has opened up about her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’, saying that “no one really believed in it”, but that people were then forced to take her seriously after the record was successful in the US.

The album, which was released in October in the US, is due out in the UK on Monday (March 17) after several delays.

“I didn’t expect such a great reaction. Not that I thought it was bad – I wouldn’t have released it if I thought that – but it’s always surprising when someone really likes it,” she said, regarding the album’s American success. “A part of me was like, ‘OK, I can’t expect everyone to like this,’ because I figured everyone wanted it to sound like ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’. There was like weird label stuff and I switched manager. A lot of people weren’t sure what to do with it. To be honest, I think at first no-one really believed in it, and then that happened and suddenly they were scrambling for it like, ‘Oh my god we need to release this’.”

In the interview with Digital Spy, Ferreira also labels the release as “vulnerable”, stating that she “wanted to make something [she] wouldn’t be embarrassed by” before saying that she is likely to to head over to the UK again in support of Miley Cyrus’ British ‘Bangerz’ tour dates.

Ferreira has been supporting the controversial popstar throughout the US on her recent tour dates, yet recently had to cancel a number of shows after falling down an elevator shaft on stage and injuring her leg.

The singer fell during her performance in Anaheim, California, on February 21, and was hospitalised afterwards, needing 60 stitches in her leg. She injured herself during the first song of her set, but did manage to finish her performance before being taken away in an ambulance. Writing after the incident, the singer posted on her Instagram account: “I didn’t even notice the injury until 10 mins after I played bc I had so much fun. I just figured it was some blood.”