Sky Ferreira reveals that writing her second album has been ‘more fun’ than the first

Singer is working on new album 'Masochism'

Sky Ferreira has spoken about the recording of her new album, saying that things have been less intense and that she’s feeling less pressure.

Earlier this year the singer revealed her new album will be called ‘Masochism’. The record is the follow up to 2013’s ‘My Time, Night Time’ and has been described by the singer as “more aggressive” than her debut.

“I’m having a lot more fun,” Ferreira told I-D about the recording process in a new interview. “There’s pressure obviously, but I’m not taking it how I did the first time. You know how people have that pressure for their second album? I had that for my first album. It’s still intense, but there isn’t this big build up in my head.”

The pop singer also stated that when writing debut album ‘Night Time, My Time’ she drew on certain incidents rather than feelings, and this time she’s doing the opposite.


“Last time I was talking about things that were happening to me more than how I feel. This time it’s more from the perspective of myself, the emotions more than the situations I’m in.”

Sky Ferreira’s first single from ‘Masochism’ was due for release this month (August), but was pushed back due to scheduling and health issues. She wrote on her Tumblr blog that “it is a very big deal” and that she wants it to be “properly made”.