Sky Ferreira battles through stage fright at first festival performance in two years

The singer's set at The Meadows in New York was plagued by technical difficulties and restarts

Sky Ferreira battled through stage fright at her first festival performance in two years yesterday (September 15).

The singer was performing at The Meadows festival in Queens, New York. Playing on the Queens Blvd stage, she ran through an 11-song set that featured tracks from her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time‘, as well as two covers.

The performance was plagued by technical problems and Ferreira’s plaintive fear. After ‘Guardian’, she apologised to the crowd, saying: “Sorry, some technical difficulties.” The next song, ‘I Blame Myself’, had to be restarted. “I got nervous,” she said apologetically after halting her backing band.

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“I’ve got really bad stage fright,” she revealed after ‘Heavy Metal Heart’. Later, she performed two covers – ‘Voices Carry’ by ‘Til Tuesday and ‘Easy’, which she sung in the movie Baby Driver.

Ferreira finished the set, which was only her second of the year, with three more songs from her debut album – ‘You’re Not The One’, ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ and ‘Stereo’. After the latter she stayed at the mic, telling fans: “Thank you for coming to watch me.”

Sky Ferreira played:
’24 Hours’
‘Ain’t Your Right’
‘I Blame Myself’
‘Heavy Metal Heart’
‘I Will’
‘Voices Carry’
‘You’re Not The One’
‘Everything Is Embarrassing’