Sky Ferreira joins Iceage on new single ‘Pain Killer’

The Danish band have announced details of their fourth album 'Beyondless'

Sky Ferreira has joined Iceage on their new single ‘Pain Killer’.

The track is the second to be taken from the Danish band’s upcoming new album ‘Beyondless’, which they officially announced today (March 1).

The record is the band’s first since 2014’s ‘Plowing Into The Field Of Love‘. Between those albums, frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt released two albums under his solo moniker Marching Church. Ferreira has worked with Rønnenfelt on the video for his Christmas single, ‘Christmas On Earth’.


‘Beyondless’ will be released on May 4 via Matador. Listen to ‘Pain Killer’ below.

The tracklist for ‘Beyondless’ is as follows:

‘Pain Killer’
‘Under The Sun’
‘The Day The Music Dies’

‘Plead The Fifth’
‘Catch It’
‘Thieves Like Us’
‘Take It All’

The album announcement was accompanied by an essay written by former Television member and leader of The Voidoids, Richard Hell. “I can totally imagine myself as a kid lying in my closed-door room in the dark, listening to this band and getting what I need, the way a band can make a person feel seen and bring confidence, sometimes even represent an ideal,” he wrote.

“Or maybe I’m already all defiant and self-certain, and I identify with Iceage because they are too, and they’re who I want to represent me in music. It’s a weird combination of qualities that a rock and roll band and their recordings presents to their young crowd, imparts to them. The music being pure emotion, the strong emotions of youth—anger, sadness, contempt, longing—as well as energy and sex, and the band’s demonstration that it gracefully owns and provides those things, consoling their followers in all the confusion.”


Iceage have also announced a string of tour dates around the world. They will play London’s Scala on May 8.