Sky Ferreira says she has a new ‘visual’ EP on the way in 2018

It's been four years since her debut album 'Night Time, My Time' was released

Sky Ferreira has revealed she has a new “visual” EP on the way in 2018.

The US singer released her debut album ‘Night Time, My Time‘ in 2013. She hasn’t released any new music since that record.

In a new interview with The Fader, Ferreira discussed her plans to follow up that album next year. “It’s an EP that is heavily visual, and the videos will all connect to each other in an abstract way,” she said. “The visual component isn’t necessarily a concept, it was more of an excuse for me to make videos for all the songs.”

She continued, explaining that while she thinks the songs stand on their own “with or without a music video”, her work best represents her when it has added visual layers.

Adding that the new music would start to be released in “February or March”, she teased collaborations with other female artists. “It’s exciting because I’ve never written with so many girls before,” she said. “There’s a girl that’s writing the EP with me. There are very specific things I wanted to write, and I could write on my own, but I knew she could bring another element of what I wanted to the music.”

While Ferreira hasn’t released new music since 2013, she has featured in several films including Elvis & Nixon and Baby Driver. She also contributed a cover of The Commodores’ ‘Easy’ to the soundtrack of the latter.