Sky Ferreira will finally release new music next week

It's been almost six years since her last LP

Sky Ferreira has announced she will finally release new music next week.

The US singer released her acclaimed debut album ‘Night Time, My Time‘ in 2013. Ferreira has been due to release her second album ‘Masochism’ since 2015, but the process has been repeatedly postponed.

Last year, Ferreira hit out at her label after being “forced” out of her own Soundcloud. She later teased a visual EP, sharing the “first official photo” ahead of the release.


Now it seems as those the pop star’s second album is finally on its way. After teasing that fans could expect to hear something new from her in March, she has now confirmed more details about the upcoming release. Sharing a photo of the single’s artwork, she revealed the track in question was called ‘Downhill Lullaby’ and would be released on March 27.

Sky Ferreira

Speaking in 2015, Ferreira reassured her fans that her “silence should not be confused for negligence.”

She went on to explain: “Anytime I have ever said anything about music being released because I was lead to believe it was happening too. Unfortunate (some absurd) circumstances that were beyond my reach kept it from happening. It is my fault for not saying something sooner & letting it all repeat itself.”

In 2015, Ferreira also said that her second album would be ‘a lot more fun‘ than her debut. “I’m having a lot more fun,” Ferreira told I-D about the recording process. “There’s pressure obviously, but I’m not taking it how I did the first time. You know how people have that pressure for their second album? I had that for my first album. It’s still intense, but there isn’t this big build up in my head.”

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