Slash: ‘The best kiss of my life was with a giraffe’

Ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist opens up about his love life

Slash has revealed that the best kiss of his life was with a giraffe.

The former Guns N’ Roses guitarist opened up about his love life in an interview with The Guardian – and recalled a liaison with the long-necked animal.

Asked about his most memorable smooch, Slash said: “[It was] with a giraffe in Africa, way back when.”

He later clarified that his kids are the greatest love of his life rather than giraffes, adding that love is “great when you have it, awesome”.

Asked to reveal a secret, the Velvet Revolver man then admitted he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Earlier this week, Slash unveiled his new single ‘Kick It Up A Notch’, which was written for the soundtrack to new TV movie Phineas And Ferb: The Movie – Across The 2nd Dimension.

The guitarist gets animated for his cameo in the film – click below to watch a clip of him performing with the Disney duo.