Slash blogs about mother’s death

Ola Hudson passed away on Friday (June 5)

Slash has taken to his MySpace page to blog about the death of his mother Ola Hudson, who passed away on Friday (June 5) after a battle with lung cancer.

The guitarist credited his mother with exposing him to much of the music that influenced him growing up, and calls her one of the “most creative and talented” people he knew.

“Hello all, as some of you may already know, my mom (Ola Hudson) died 6:30am last Friday morning of Lung Cancer,” Slash wrote.

“This is a difficult time, but I have to share with you that she was the sweetest, warmest, most loving human being I’ve ever known (next to my grandmother on her side), as well as one of the most creative & talented. She was also the coolest Rock & Roll mom a Rock junkie like myself could ever possibly want to have. She was responsible for exposing me to a lot of the music that would influence me as a musician growing up. As well as introducing me to “the life” & priming me to survive this crazy business that I’m now in. But more importantly, she turned me on to all different forms of art & the importance of artistic self expression & creative communication thru music & dance from as early on as I can remember. She really was all things artistic & creative personified & the world is a lesser place without her.

“I still haven’t grasped fully that she is gone & this is going to take some time to process. But, I have gotten a lot of really genuine condolences from many of you & I want to tell you that I appreciate it more than you can possibly know. My family & I thank you for your support.”

The star is currently working on his solo album in Los Angeles.

–By our New York staff.
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