Joan Jett to get signature Gibson guitar

She makes history as first female to be honoured with one

Joan Jett is to get her own signature Gibson Melody Maker guitar – making her the first female to get one.

The rock icon joins the ranks of other guitarists, including Slash and Jimmy Page, who have helped design and produce their own guitars.

Jett said: “This is my guitar. Gibson was successfully able to replicate my custom velvet hammer pick ups, which have not been available for 20 years. It’s perfect for gigs as well as recording.”


She added: “For those of you performing live, you may understand the value of being able to shave off those split seconds between playing and interacting with the audience, especially if you use your hands to communicate. I can move between the killswitch, which mutes the guitar, and playing, and then back again without a lot of in-between motion.

“With its no frills basic set up, it’s a perfect guitar for either an experienced player or someone just learning.”

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