The former Guns N' Roses guitar legend claims he was simply answering a question...

Former GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist SLASH has spoken exclusively to NME.COM to explain his now legendary four-letter outburst on children’s Saturday morning TV show CD:UK (December 2) claiming he was simply answering a question.

And the star also revealed he’d like to meet up at some point with Robbie Williams, like Slash a native of Stoke-On-Trent.

On CD:UK, Slash had been asked to explain one of the most rock and roll things that had happened to him and had began to tell the tale of oral sex in a nightclub. The interview was then cut short when he went on to tell presenter Cat Deeley how one of his pet iguanas had “bit the fuck” out of his hand.


“I said fuck. It was their fault. They asked me,” he said. “They’re a nice bunch of people but they asked me about an event that happened in New York. I think that’s what the issue was. They asked me something that happened that was in the papers that I’d had sex with somebody in a bar. I said no, she was trying to give me a blowjob, that was it.”

The guitarist continued: “So this is what happened, I’ll be totally straightforward. I was going out with somebody, a porn star at the time. She inevitably killed herself and it was a sad story but she was a real fucking nutcase. She always wanted to have sex in public places. All of a sudden she would turn on. And I’m just not that kind of a guy. She went after me. But I had chaps on, she had two pairs of pants to get through. My security guard got me up and out of there before she got to do any real damage so it?s not really an issue. But the place was jam packed and MTV was there and so on and so forth, so they just saw this girl going at my pant strings. But I was out of there. I’m way too cool to be hanging out naked in a bar with some chick.”

Of Robbie Williams, Slash added: “He’s a pop guy, so I’m not real familiar with him, but I guess we’re both from Stoke. It would be interesting to meet him sometime to see if we can compare Stoke-On-Trent stories or some shit.”

You can see the Slash interview in full – and see exclusively his thoughts on the future of Guns N’ Roses as well as Eminem – later this week on NME.COM.

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