Slash reveals solo track originally featured Chester Bennington and says previously unheard demo could be released

The final version of the track featured Lemmy instead

Slash has revealed his solo track ‘Doctor Alibi’ originally featured vocals from Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington before he got another rock icon to sing on the final version.

‘Doctor Alibi’ appeared on the Guns N’ Roses guitarist’s self-titled 2010 album and featured guest vocalist Lemmy Kilmister.

However, in a new interview, Slash said that wasn’t always his plan and the Motörhead frontman only came on board after Bennington’s involvement was blocked. “When I was doing my first solo record, I worked with a lot of different people, some of whom, for whatever reason, didn’t end up on the record,” the star told Variety.

“One was with Chester. We did a song and Linkin Park at the time didn’t allow it to happen, so I did it with Lemmy.”

Slash said the demo was now with Bennington’s family and it would be up to them if they wanted to release it. “It was really good,” he said. “He was awesome. It would be fine with me if they wanted to [release] it. Musically, it’s the same as the Lemmy song, but the lyrics are really poignant.”

He added that the lyrics “really [spoke] to [Bennington’s] state of mind.” Some of the track’s lyrics include the lines “I went to see the doctor/He said you’re pretty sick/You got some real bad habits/You’d better stop right quick.

Bennington was found dead in his Palos Verdes home on July 20, 2017. His death was later ruled a suicide by the Los Angeles County coroner.

Earlier this year, the Linkin Park frontman’s widow, Talinda Bennington, launched a mental health awareness initiative called 320 Changes Direction. The campaign aims to support those with mental health issues and attempts to break down the stigma attached to depression and addiction problems.

For help and advice on mental health issues, check out the below organisations: