Slaves reveal ‘Our new album is finished and is coming out soon’

Duo tell NME album two has 'a bit of everything'

Slaves have revealed their new album is finished and will be released “soon”.

The album will be the duo’s second,following 2015’s Mercury Prize-nominated ‘Are You Satisfied?’

Guitarist Laurie Vincent told NME:”The new album is finished. It’s done.We’re finishing mixing and it’s coming out soon.”

Speaking backstage before their show at Latitude, Vincent described the album as “heavy”. The guitarist said: “It’s some very old Slaves, some last album Slaves, some new stuff. It’s a bit of everything.”

Vincent added: “It’s more developed than the first album, there’s more of a landscape. It’s heavy, lyrically and how it sounds. Some of it is like how ‘Sugar Coated’ on the first album is really punky, although some is the total opposite.”

Singer Isaac Holman revealed he will rap on several of the new songs, saying: “I rapped before Slaves started and it’s good to do it with the band. I’ve carried on rapping on the side, doing bits here and there, so it’s nice to have room to do it in Slaves.”

Holman said the lyrics are a mix of personal experiences from being on tour and “social commentary and self-motivation, following on from the first album.”

The album will include ‘Spit It Out’ and ‘Rich Man’ which were played at Latitude and a song based on their experiences supporting Wolf Alice on tour in the US. Holman said: “it’s about four characters we met with Wolf Alice – Terry, Tony, Sex Shop Worker and Mike. You’ll have to wait for the album for details.”

Vincent said: “People have been singing along to the new songs by the second chorus, which is the mark of a good song. We first played ‘Cheer Up London’ at Latutude two years ago on the Lake Stage. The response then straight away was when I knew it was one of our best songs.”

Holman added: “Latitude is one of the best festivals. When we played two years ago, it was the first time we felt successful, as it was the first time loads of people came to see us during the day. Latitude has got a good vibe.”