Slaves vow to continue UK tour after injury-prone frontman dislocates other shoulder

Band returned to stage on Tuesday but Isaac Holman injured himself the following night in Birmingham

Slaves returned from injury to resume their UK tour in Newcastle on Tueday night (December 15) only for frontman Isaac Holman to dislocate his shoulder in Birmingham the following night.

The duo were forced to reschedule a host of live dates last month after Holman dislocated one shoulder. He returned to action in Newcastle but promptly suffered the same injury to his other shoulder one day later. Updating fans on Facebook, Holman explained what happened to him.

“I dislocated my other shoulder on stage last night whilst dancing to our intro song (The Vengaboys), I managed to pop it back in after a few seconds and play the gig. However I have woken up today and I am in a lot of pain, with limited mobility. I’m off to see a specialist in Birmingham this afternoon. We are still going to try and get through the set tonight, and the following two nights, but please be aware of the situation. If we have to cut the set short, or just put on our album and sing along to it or get you lot up on stage and do a talent contest or something, this is why. My joints are not good.”

NMEDanny Payne/NME

Slaves’ return to the stage in Newcastle had been a triumphant one. When they opened with ‘White Knuckle Ride’, the crowd immediately began to moshing. “I’ve been in the wars, my little soldier has been in the wars. But we’re back,” Holman, referencing the injury that put their UK tour on hold. Slaves then launched into ‘Live Like an Animal’ as a banner of their neon pink album art unfurled behind them.

“We’re going to play a new one,” said Isaac, before the pair attempted to play fresh track ‘Take Control’, but Holman faltered on the bass. “It’s not the pedal, it’s the atmosphere,” he said. The track was full of the pace and positive messages that dominated Slaves’ debut, and it slotted in neatly among the more established songs on their set list.

The biggest reactions of the night were reserved for ‘Cheer Up London’ and ‘The Hunter’. For both songs, mosh pits broke out across the 2000 capacity venue, the crowd screaming back the lyrics at the Kent-born duo. Before the former track began, Holman asked “Has anyone ever been on the London Underground?” This was greeted by a fan shouting back, “Have you ever been on the Tyne and Wear metro, mate!”

At one point, guitarist Laurie Vincent took a moment to plead to fans not to watch the gig through their phones: “Put away your phones – let’s experience this together through our eyes,” he said.

Following ‘OK’, Slaves played the B-side to ‘Sockets’, ‘In Dogs Years You’re Dead’. Laurie then asked the crowd to make some space, as he descended near the crowd to play an acoustic version of ‘Are You Satisfied?’

Though fan favourite ‘Feed The Mantaray’ was dropped from the setlist, the band closed the set with ‘Hey’.


Injury permitting, Slaves’ tour continues in London (December 17) and Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Rooms (December 18). The band also play in January, see dates below.

Slaves played:

‘White Knuckle Ride’
‘Despair and Traffic’
‘Live Like an Animal’
‘Take Control’
‘Where’s Your Car Debbie?’
‘Do Something’
‘Cheer Up London’
‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’
‘The Hunter
‘In Dog Years You’re Dead’
‘Are You Satisfied?’

Slaves will play:

London, O2 Academy Brixton (December 17)
Tunbridge Wells, Assembly Rooms (December 18)
Leeds, O2 Academy (January 10)
Glasgow, O2 ABC (January 11)
Liverpool, O2 Academy (January 12)
London, O2 Forum (January 14)
Manchester, O2 Ritz (January 15-16)