John Cooper Clarke is a Slaves fan: ‘I got their album for my birthday’

Punk poet also a fan of Sleaford Mods

John Cooper Clarke has expressed his love for Slaves, revealing that he got their album for his birthday.

Speaking to NME recently, Clarke handpicked the Tunbridge Wells duo as one of the new bands he admires, saying: “I’m a late convert on the account that I got their album for my birthday. I think I saw them on the telly, and was impressed with the singing-drummer-standing-up-at-a-full-kit thing; for the obvious reasons.”

Clarke added: “The melody carried without a bass guitar, so for a start that’s intriguing. And now I’ve got their album, and it’s not disappointing.”

The self-proclaimed punk poet also said he’s a fan of Sleaford Mods, despite their recent public falling out with the aforementioned band.

Clarke said of Sleaford Mods: “I think they’re a great part of the sort of pop tradition, really. Very good example of a certain strain in punk rock – punk rock-flavoured pop music.”

NMEJordan Hughes/NME

While there may have been a lack of politics in alternative music lately, Clarke reckons that all that is changing: “I think for a long time politics has not been a very hot medium for one reason or another. All the parties seemed to have had a meeting that nobody was invited to and agreed on the things they’re prepared to address.

“But I think that’s possibly changing now, things are starting to look a bit more adversarial, shall we say, in the parliamentary world.”

John Cooper Clarke releases ‘Anthologia’, a three-disc collection of his work, on Friday (October 16).