Slaves are releasing a ‘play along at home zine’ to go with their new album

The band described it as "old school punk touch"

Slaves have revealed that they’ll be releasing a play-along zine with their new album.

The punk duo are gearing up to release their third full-length record ‘Acts Of Fear And Love’ on August 17. It follows 2015’s ‘Are You Satisfied?‘ and 2016’s ‘Take Control‘.

Describing the record as “more personal”, the band also revealed that the play-along zine will feature illustrations and a full list of gear used to record the album.

It will be available to buy separately, while also being available in certain bundles. Laurie Vincent added that it would also be available in certain record shops, although he didn’t specify which.

NME suggested that they give a prize to the people who perform the album best. What prize? “A hug,” Vincent joked.

The band also responded to recent comments made by Kasabian which labelled Slaves as future festival headliners. “It’s really flattering for someone to feel that we’ve got that potential,” Vincent said. “Serge is coming at it from a well-educated background because he’s listened to the new album.”

When asked if Serge had any feedback on the record, Vincent replied, “loads and loads of compliments.”

The duo previewed three new songs from the record during their Mad Cool festival performance – ‘Chokehold’, ‘The Lives They Wish They Had’ and ‘Photo Opportunity’.

The record’s artwork, which was shot by legendary photographer Juergen Teller, which Vincent described as “incredible.” “He’s a legend,” he added. “It was a very a cool experience”

Watch our interview with Slaves above.