Watch Slaves mark 5 years of being a band in new mini-documentary

Tunbridge Wells duo released debut mini-album 'Sugar Coated Bitter Truth' in 2013

Slaves are the subject of a new mini-documentary film, celebrating five years since the release of their debut mini album.

The Tunbridge Wells duo released ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ in 2013 and recently returned to their hometown to play a special show at the Tunbridge Wells Forum to perform the record in full.

BBC Introducing have now aired a short film about the gig, with the band discussing their early years as a band and how the Kent town has inspired them. Watch here.

Earlier this summer, Slaves played London’s Community Festival, where they hit out at the Tories. The duo came onstage brandishing a ‘Tories Out’ sign before they whipped up the crowd to chant ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn!’ to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes.

Speaking to NME last year, the band explained their politics. “Our music is not saying vote left or right, it’s saying it’s all wrong, so take a wider perspective,” said guitarist Laurie Vincent.

“I think we both agree that society is fundamentally flawed in the sense of, like, go to school, go to uni, eat three meals a day. All of that stuff isn’t necessarily proven to work for everyone. I’ve got a massive bee in my bonnet about going to school and how it didn’t feel necessary. People have these assumptions of how you have to live your life and get a proper job, but it happens that some people don’t have proper jobs and not everything is based around money. We just want people to think for themselves.”