Slaves drop raucous new video for ‘Bugs’ in campaign to “keep pubs alive”

Support your local pub.

Slaves have shared their new video for ‘Bugs’, as part of a campaign to keep local pubs alive.

The video was made in partnership with Long Live The Local, and shows the band performing in a dystopian future where pubs lie derelict and in ruin.

“Without pubs we would have had nowhere to start our career,” said the band. “Pubs are so important to the careers of musicians. They are pillars of communities and need saving.”


David Cunningham, Programme Director of Long Live The Local added: “Pubs have long been the home of live music. They are a breeding ground for talent – past, present & future, a place where bands meet their first fans. However, with three pubs a day closing their doors for good, live music is under threat.”

“We need to keep pubs alive to keep music live, which is why we’re asking music fans across Britain to sign our petition calling on the Chancellor to cut beer duty.”

Sign the Long Live The Local petition here

The track is taken from the duo’s acclaimed third album ‘Acts Of Fear And Love‘, but it looks like new material could be on the horizon very soon.

“We’ve got some music, we’re just talking about how it’s going to be packaged,” guitarist Laurie Vincent told NME earlier this year. “We have a new single and there are more songs built around it, but there’s one that we know is going to happen. There will most likely be an EP coming. We’re very excited about it.”


He continued: “It’s a song we wrote during the sessions for the last album, but it’s heavier. It was a beat that I wrote on a computer as a grime beat, but we covered it to turn into something live and organic with Isaac rapping and shouting over it. It’s different to what we’ve done before but we left it off the album consciously because we wanted it to feel like it had a uniform flow to it and no weird moments that didn’t sit right. It was important for the album to be an album. This is heavy.”

Slaves have a number of UK festival dates this summer, including the Neighbourhood Weekender, Truck and Boardmasters.