Slaves discuss political protest in music

Slaves urge fellow artists to ‘stand up be counted’ with political songwriting

The Tunbridge Wells duo won the Best Music Video prize at yesterday's V05 NME Awards.

Slaves have urged their fellow artists to “stand up and be counted” as the global political climate becomes more fractious.

Speaking at the V05 NME Awards 2017 last night, band member Laurie Vincent said: “Artists thrive under shit conditions and when terrible things happen and there are injustices, that’s when artists should stand up and be counted.”

Slaves also discussed their hectic summer festival schedule, describing it as “a dream come true”.

“We just approach every show the same,” Vincent said. “We just go out and have fun – it’s just all the same to us.”

Slaves won the Best Music Video prize at yesterday’s V05 NME Awards.

The Tunbridge Wells duo claimed victory with the video for ‘Consume Or Be Consumed’. In the clip, the pair take part in a hot dog eating contest, during which 200 hot dogs were used.

Accepting the award from guest presenters Joe Mount and Maya Jama, Laurie Vincent said: “I’d like to say commiserations to Beyonce and Kanye – it can’t be easy losing to us.”

Thanking their team along with Mike D from Beastie Boys for appearing in the video, he added: “We’ve won this for a second year in a row – someone beat us.”