See the covers of Slayer’s first ‘harsh, violent and very gritty’ comic book

‘Repentless Volume 1’ is coming soon

Slayer have shared the covers of the first of three comic books inspired by the band’s music.

The first book, Repentless Volume 1 will be published later this year by Sin City and Hellboy publishers Dark Horse.

The books are inspired by the linked videos for Slayer’s singles ‘Repentless’ and ‘You Against You’. Directed by BJ McDonnell, the videos feature a mysterious man with an eyepatch doing battle against gruesome monsters.

NMEDark Horse

There are two covers for Repentless Volume 1. One of them features the man with the eyepatch, the other depicts a skeleton infested by snakes.

The books are written by Metalocaplypse creator Jon Schlepp and illustrated by Conan The Avenger artist Guiu Vilanova.

Slayer guitarist Kerry King told Rolling Stone: “My philosophy, as far as anybody working on anything regarding Slayer – be it the album cover art or video concepts – is to let the people who do that for a living do it.”

Schnepp added: “I’m busting my ass on these because I want to honor the legacy. It can’t be corny or jokey. It has to be harsh, violent and very gritty. It’s really strange writing this comic. I came up with the storyline three-and-a-half months ago, and then the news items that are tearing up our country right now share the same spotlight as to what I’m writing about. It’s definitely a lot of sensitive subjects that need to be explored and addressed. What’s the best way to explore those? With the chaos of metal.”