Slayer’s new merch includes ugly Christmas jumper

Metal band get in festive spirit with seasonal gift ideas

Slayer are selling official Christmas jumpers on their online merchandise store.

The metal band, known for albums such as ‘Reign In Blood’ and ‘God Hates Us All’, have placed the festive garment on their official online merchandise store, priced at £59.99. The item has already sold out, and fans told to wait whilst stocks are replenished. The Christmas spirit shown by Slayer does not end at jumpers, however, with Christmas stockings and black baubles with the band’s logo also available.

Christmas jumpers are not the first unusual item of merchandise Slayer have lent their name to in 2012 with the band also releasing ‘Reign In Blood’ wine in April.

The red wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from California and not made out of the blood of any sacrificed animals. Available only in Sweden, the wine, much like Slayer’s brand of heavy metal, is reported to have a “tough and uncompromising taste”.

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