Slayer, Motörhead and Iron Maiden have released a new heavy metal-inspired range of socks

Three of the legendary bands of the genre are the inspiration for the new footwear

A new collection of heavy metal-inspired socks have been released, which feature designs approved by Slayer, Motörhead and Iron Maiden.

The three heavyweights of the genre have given their blessing to the new line of footwear from Stance’s ‘Legends of Metal Only’ range. The collection, which has been designed by the US streetwear brand, is now available to purchase.

Featuring designs taken from classic albums by Motörhead, Iron Maiden (both of which display the artwork from their respective self-titled albums) and Slayer’s ‘Show No Mercy’, the socks are currently available to purchase for £15.25 (not including shipping).

See the designs below, via the Stance site.

In an accompanying video that explains the creative process behind the ‘Legends of Metal’ clothing range, Stance say that the collection is “a tribute to the distortion guitar and amplified sounds of the world’s most idolised metal bands.”

Watch the ‘Legends of Metal’ video below.

Last week, Slayer drew criticism from some of their fans after a picture was posted on the band’s Instagram page that photoshopped US President Donald Trump into one of their press shots.

Frontman Tom Araya defended the post, stating “I thought it was funny … I was amazed at the comments about the picture some positive some negative more amazing was in 2 hours there was 10,000 likes … But i never would have guessed that there where so many snowflakes commenting their distaste for the new president.”