Sleaford Mods compare Slaves to Take That during Glastonbury set

Frontman Jason Williamson also said "everything is fucking shit" at festival

Sleaford Mods made reference to an ongoing rivalry with Slaves during their performance on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury, where they performed today (June 27).

Punk duo Slaves (pictured right) performed before the agit-pop pair. Before playing ‘Tiswas’, Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson said: “Did you enjoy the support band? Did you? Who was it? Take That?”

Sleaford Mods have, in the past, accused Slaves of ripping them offand described them as “fucking appalling”. Slaves responded by tweeting, “Differences aside we can still be mates right?”


Elsewhere in their Glastonbury set, Sleaford Mods took potshots at the festival itself. “We expected more heads,” Williamson told the packed tent before ‘Jolly Fucker’. “Me and Andrew are professional musicians. I can’t believe everyone is in the toilets cos the toilets are fucking shit here. Everything is fucking shit here.”

Later, he made reference to the “price of the tickets” and at another point shouted, simply, “Fuck off Glastonbury”.

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