Sleaford Mods criticise UKIP and cereal “jesters” in alternative Christmas Queen’s Speech for NME

The Nottingham duo also attack the Tory government in special message

Sleaford Mods have delivered a special Christmas message as an alternative to the traditional Queen’s speech.

Filmed exclusively for NME, the Nottingham duo tackled politics in the short speech, discussing UKIP, the Tory government and next year’s general election.

“There is no hope in politics and I have no hope in the structure of control because it’s a fucking comedy club,” opened Jason Williamson before addressing the rise of UKIP over the last 12 months.

“This year has seen the people’s alternative grow stronger – UKIP. What fucking alternative? It’s a message of class pride and guarantees in giving you a white neighbour if you get these cunts into power. This has been the last straw in our tolerance of anything to do with English identity and its supposed values.”

The band also made reference to the recent furore surrounding the opening of a cereal cafe in London, saying: “We are the real fucking bouncers round here, not these fucking rambo wannabes. Not these fucking jesters selling you a bowl of twinkie delights with soya milk for £3.50.”

They concluded the alternative message by talking about next year’s general election and the current Tory government. “I’ll probably vote next year,” said Williamson. “It’s important that we have a breather from the Tory [sic]. Being ruled over is one thing but being ruled over by those bunch of seething, picnic-eating foxtrot wankers is too much.”

You can watch the Nottingham pair deliver their alternative Queen’s Speech at the top of the page.