Sleaford Mods brand Miles Kane ‘a pretender’

The duo say their music 'was born out of a hate for pretenders like you' in a tweet addressed to Kane

Sleaford Mods have branded Miles Kane a “pretender”.

Jason Williamson of the band tweeted his disdain for the singer-songwriter after Kane tweeted that he was a fan of Sleaford Mods. In response, Williamson threatened to block Kane, writing:

Earlier this year, Sleaford Mods railed against Noel Gallagher, saying that the former Oasis man has “blood on his hands” when it comes to the creative output of British bands.

Stating that their name is not meant to be ironic, Williamson of the Nottingham based duo, confirms to NME that he grew up as a Mod but turned away when the scene became too retro for him. “Creatively speaking, Noel Gallagher’s got blood on his hands,” he said. Elsewhere, Williamson decried the lack of politically outspoken music in 2014, saying; “Ever since Thatcher got in and cut everything to the bone, it should have been protest music all the way.”

Sleaford Mods new album ‘Divide and Exit’ was released on April 28 of this year. Scroll down to watch Sleaford Mods perform two tracks, ‘Fizzy’ and ‘Tiswas’, in their living room.