Sleaford Mods frontman says he has been suspended from the Labour Party for “online abuse”

Frontman claims it's a "weak attempt to cull the vote"

Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson has revealed that he has been suspended from the Labour Party.

“Suspended from @UKLabour funny that. Happily take my Fuckin money for a fuckin year. Fuck politics. Fuck you labour,” he wrote on Twitter earlier today (September 13).

Asked by Reverend & The Makers what reason had been given, Williamson replied: “Online abuse. Weak. Really weak.”

When a follower suggested he should “write to Jezza”, saying that “being a high profile supporter you’ll get heard for sure,” Williamson replied: “lost interest totally. Weak attempts at culling the vote. Disgusting.”

Sleaford Mods have tweeted in the past to show support for the party’s leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is currently facing a leadership challenge from Owen Smith. Party members can cast their votes now before the winner is announced at the party’s Leadership Conference on September 24.

Williamson has since tweeted at the Labour Party’s official account: “absolute scum. Shame on you.”