Sleaford Mods on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: ‘It reeks of compassion, and that’s what you want’

Duo support Corbyn and tell listeners 'you’ve got a responsibility to be intelligent'

Sleaford Mods have commented on the newly elected Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying his election “reeks of compassion.”

Vocalist Jason Williamson from the Nottingham duo explained that though he hadn’t properly read up on Corbyn, who was was elected the new Labour leader this weekend (September 12), he felt he stood out from the rest of Westminster.

“I’ve not looked into a lot of the stuff he’s been talking about but it reeks of compassion and that’s what you want,” Williamson said. “There is none of that about at all. I don’t get that from anybody, anybody from Westminster really. Probably about a little bit of an inch of it came out of Ed Milliband sometimes, but generally speaking, everyone speaks in riddles.”

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Speaking in a new interview with Channel 4, the pair were asked whether they wanted to incite political change with their music. “No, no,” they replied, before explaining they felt it was up to their listeners to take action on their own.

“You’ve got a responsibility to be intelligent. To think about things. To be thoughtful, compassionate,” they said of their fans.

Asked where the anger in their music came from, they continued:

“It’s about the lonliness of life and the alienation. Concrete is becoming more and more drawn in. There’s not a lot of fresh air so to speak. There’s not a lot of blue skies is there? And the anger is evoked by whatever. Westminster. The bloke next door. The fact you’ve just bought a bag of chips and it’s not very nice. Do you know what I mean?”

Meanwhile, Sleaford Mods and Leftfield recently revealed the animated video for ‘Head And Shoulders’, from Leftfield’s recent album ‘Alternative Light Source’.

The star of the new video is a green monster that goes through several forms, making its way through a city and eating most of what it stumbles across. Watch the video here.


Elsewhere, Sleaford Mods played day two of Bestival on Saturday (Sep 12). The Nottingham duo brought their punk poetry to the Big Top, performing songs from 2015’s acclaimed album ‘Key Markets’, including ‘Live Tonight’ and ‘No One’s Bothered’, as well as ‘Tied Up In Notz’ – from 2014’s ‘Divide and Exit’.