Sleaford Mods react to Budget 2015: ‘We’re not advocating violence but go smash the Parliament up’

Nottingham duo discuss Tory government and George Osborne's recent budget

Sleaford Mods have reacted to the Tory government’s recent budget.

George Osborne unveiled the budget last week, which has been criticised for hitting the working classes and younger people particularly hard.

With the Nottingham duo sharing their views with NME in a video interview, singer Jason Williamson said he was “really fucking angry” with the situation.

“It’s like this fucking £9 an hour minimum wage, you know living wage, fuck off. You know they’re cutting like tax credits for most people, so it’s not gonna really make any difference, you know,” Williamson said.

He added: “And as for students with the grants, it’s fucked, it is literally attack on young people, people at the lower end of the society spectrum, you know.

“It’s just a daylight robbery, it really is, they’re really just taking the piss out of the lower classes.”

Williamson continued: “The only, you know, the only thing I’m starting to think is violence, you know, that’s it, violence. Or don’t buy anything, refuse to go to work and don’t buying anything, that’ll really fuck them up.

“Physical demonstrations, yeah yeah, it’s the only way people are going to listen I think, because there’s just nothing happen you know, any amount of reaction against it, it’s just laughter, we are literally just being laughed at. And it just comes to the point, I’m not advocating violence obviously, you know, I’m not a violent person, but it’s like, it gets to a point where you think well, (a) statement’s got to be made, you know.”

Bandmate Andrew Fearn added: “If you are going to choose violence, then don’t smash your own neighbourhood up is my advice, go smash the parliament up or somewhere, do you know what I mean? But don’t attack your own neighbourhood because that’s where you’re going to live.”


In April, Williamson told NME of the duo’s politics: “We’re not socialists, we’re not fucking communists and we’re not Billy Bragg-ists. We’re just talking about what we’ve been through. And we’re doing it in a way that is just normal to ourselves.”

Sleaford Mods, who recently released their new album ‘Key Markets’, will tour the UK during September and October. They play the following live dates:

Manchester Ritz (September 23)
Carlisle Brickyard (24)
Newcastle Northumbria Uni (25)
Leeds Irish Centre (28)
Birmingham Institute (29)
Cardiff Y-Plan (October 1)
London Forum (2)
Bristol Bierkeller (4)
Bournemouth Fire Station (5)
Brighton The Old Market (6)
Cambridge Junction (8)
Nottingham Rock City (9)