Sleaford Mods announce new album ‘English Tapas’

'It says everything about this fucking place. It's comedy, it’s make do, it's ignorant and above all, it's shit'

Sleaford Mods have announced details of their new album, with ‘English Tapas’ due for release next year.

The Nottingham duo’s new record and follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed ‘Key Markets‘ was recorded in Pulp guitarist Steve Mackey’s West Heath Garage studios in London and will be released on 3 March, 2017.

“Andrew walked into some random pub and saw ‘English Tapas’ scrawled on the menu board,” said frontman Jason Williamson. “Underneath this beautiful coupling of words were it’s components, ‘half a scotch egg, cup of chips, pickle and a mini pork pie’ It says everything about this fucking place. It’s comedy, it’s make do, it’s ignorant and above all, it’s shit.”

Sleaford Mods – Very pleased to announce our debut album… | Facebook

Very pleased to announce our debut album for Rough Trade called ‘English Tapas’ out on March 3rd 2017.

‘English Tapas’ will be released on a limited pressing of red vinyl, CD, DL and limited edition cassette – limited to 150 copies and featuring ‘Sleaford Mods Live at Dismaland 2015’ and with a download code of the live show only.

The first 1000 vinyl pre-orders also include a bonus one sided 7” of exclusive track ‘Big Trouble In Little Costa’”, gigography booklet containing unseen photos by Simon Parfrement and commentary by Sleaford Mods, a packet of kingsize rizlas and a beermat.

Sleaford Mods – Sleaford Mods updated their profile picture. | Facebook

Sleaford Mods updated their profile picture.

The tracklist for ‘English Tapas’ is:
1. Army Nights
2. Just Like We Do
3. Moptop
4. Messy Anywhere
5. Time Sands
6. Snout
7. Drayton Manored
8. Carlton Touts
9. Cuddly
10. Dull
11. BHS
12. I Feel Do Wrong

Last week, Sleaford Mods spoke out on the situation in the UK after Brexit.

“I certainly wouldn’t think I’m any kind of voice of anything at the minute,” said Williamson. “Y’know, the working classes are feeling alienated; there was a massive turn-out for the working classes with the [Brexit] vote. I just think: ‘No, not really – it’s just a load of crap, isn’t it?’

“[Brexit voters said] ‘Well, we’ve got to get the country back’ – really? What country? Whose country is that? It’s never belonged to the people. Blaming minorities for this, that, and the other – it’s just fear, isn’t it? A lot of people still are unwilling to come to terms with the truth. You feel pain, sorrow, hate constantly for the people who are drawing up the rules.”

He added: “And it’s not going to go away, is it? We’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning and everything’s going to be OK. So the music that we make and the lyrics that I write reflect that – we just roll along with the pain of that, don’t we?”