Sleaford Mods to live-stream show from London’s 100 Club next month

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Sleaford Mods are set to live-stream a special show held at London’s 100 Club next month.

Streamed via YouTube, the performance will see Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn showcase a number of B-sides and rarities from their recently released album, ‘All That Glue’.

Fans online will be able to enjoy the gig in Ultra HD, with the band also being recorded with “the highest quality audio” for the feed.


The broadcast will begin at 9pm (BST) on Saturday, June 20.

Those interested in watching the show are required to purchase a ticket for £10 via Sleaford Mods’ official website. Upon booking, fans will be encouraged to make a donation to Refuge, who provide support to women and children experiencing domestic violence.

Speaking to NME recently, Jason Williamson revealed that he’d started work on new Sleaford Mods material while under lockdown.

“The album will have a lot of influence from what we’re going through. It would be silly not to,” he said. “It’s absolutely a monumental happening in history. The more wound up and pissed off and depressed you get, the better the lyrics are.”

Elsewhere in the chat, he discussed the reasoning behind officially releasing some of the band’s rarer cuts through ‘All That Glue’.


“We needed a centralised place for these songs. It’s something for the hardcore fans – and there’s a lot of them – that constantly ask for these songs,” Williamson explained.

“But it’s also an introductory package for people that aren’t too familiar with us. We didn’t wanna do a ‘Greatest Hits’ because we’re not a ‘Greatest Hits’ band.”