Sleaford Mods announce new EP, share new song ‘Stick In A Five and Go’

The duo insist they're "still very good"

Sleaford Mods have announced a new, self-titled five-track EP that’ll be released next month.

The band released their last album ‘English Tapes’ back in 2017, which NME described as a ‘stark sound that might not be for everyone, but Williamson’s sideways swipes at pop culture and his own big nights out are as hypnotic as Fearn’s punked-up electronica which, despite its simplicity, is nigh impossible not to move to.’

The duo announced the new EP – out September 14 on Rough Trade – with a video message to their Twitter followers. “What was ya thinking when you thought, ‘oh, no I won’t bother anymore. They’re a bit shit. They just shout don’t they?'” Jason Williamson began.


“What was ya thinking when you thought, ‘oh, I’ll go out and buy somebody else’s record, someone new’. No, it’s not very good. We’re still very good.” Watch the video message below.

You can listen to the first track from the EP, ‘Stick In A Five and Go’ below.

The frontman has also previously chatted about Brexit, saying ‘you just can’t ignore things any more.”

“Y’know, the working classes are feeling alienated; there was a massive turn-out for the working classes with the [Brexit] vote. I just think: ‘No, not really – it’s just a load of crap, isn’t it?’


“[Brexit voters said] ‘Well, we’ve got to get the country back’ – really? What country? Whose country is that? It’s never belonged to the people. Blaming minorities for this, that, and the other – it’s just fear, isn’t it? A lot of people still are unwilling to come to terms with the truth. You feel pain, sorrow, hate constantly for the people who are drawing up the rules.

“And it’s not going to go away, is it? We’re not going to wake up tomorrow morning and everything’s going to be OK. So the music that we make and the lyrics that I write reflect that – we just roll along with the pain of that, don’t we?”

Iggy Pop also announced his love for the band last year, saying: “I love Sleaford Mods. I think they’re just about the most credible new group going that don’t rely on the old conventions to make the music feel good.”