Sleaford Mods respond after being asked to perform at “white people” celebration event

Sorry, what?

Sleaford Mods have answered a request for them to play at an event that “celebrates everything that’s great about white people”.

The Nottingham duo, who released their fifth album ‘Eton Alive’ in February, shared a screenshot via their Twitter of the message sent by an unknown user. The group’s sardonic response reads: “Yea, we’re washing us hair mate.”


The person inviting them to perform claims that the band’s audience is “overwhelmingly white” and therefore believes they would “make a great addition to the festival”.

In other news, back in April the duo spoke out to condemn the alleged sexual assault of a female fan at a one of their shows.

The Nottingham punk duo were performing at The O2 Academy in Bristol on Saturday April 6 in support of when the apparent incident took place.

Sleaford Mods have spoken out after a fan was sexually assaulted at one of their shows
Sleaford Mods at Øya Festival

They soon took to social media to declare that such behaviour would not be tolerated at their shows.


“We’ve had a report of a female fan being groped in the crowd last night,” the band wrote on Twitter. “Touching anyone without their consent is not acceptable no matter how you dress it up.

“If you think groping women is acceptable don’t bother buying a ticket. We don’t want your money and you’re not welcome.”