Sleaford Mods to play special guest slot at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La

"Get there early to join the madness"

Sleaford Mods have been announced to play The Truth Stage at Glastonbury’s Shangri-La.

The duo’s set kicks off at 10.30pm this Saturday (June 29) inside the festival’s after-hours nirvana.


The Mods’ set clashes with a number of performances elsewhere including The Killers’ headline set (The Pyramid Stage), The Chemical Brothers (The Other Stage), Wu-Tang Clan (West Holts), and Sean Paul (John Peel stage).

‘Eton Mess’, the band’s fifth studio album, was released earlier this year. NME wrote in a review: “Fearn’s arrangements are more sophisticated than ever before, the bassy groove of ‘Big Burt’ (“Shelling out 1500 pound to see an ‘asbeen who can’t even do three gigs in one go – what’s that?) sounding like an actual song. And ‘Top It Up’, with an ominous synth line, veers into art-pop territory.

Sleaford Mods have spoken out after a fan was sexually assaulted at one of their shows
Sleaford Mods at Øya Festival

“This indicates the polish that success has afforded Sleaford Mods…But they’ve not changed. They’re still taking the piss…‘Eton Alive’ is a pretty great punchline. Not everything has to be escapist or explicitly political – sometimes you just want to hear people make gags about a world that you recognise. It’s cathartic, it’s entertaining. It says: you exist. ‘Eton Alive’ makes Sleaford Mods funny again.”