Sleater-Kinney discuss Janet Weiss’ departure and Rihanna’s influence on new album

“We want Janet to be happy and healthy"

Sleater-Kinney have discussed the departure of drummer Janet Weiss in a new interview.

The band announced that the drummer was leaving the band after 24 years at the start of the month “after intense deliberation and with heavy sadness”.

Carrie Brownstein briefly discussed the news in a reply to a fan on Instagram recently, and the band have now expanded on Weiss’ departure.


Speaking to The Guardian, Brownstein and Corin Tucker spoke more about the drummer leaving the band, with the latter saying: “We want Janet to be happy and healthy. If someone’s not happy doing that job, it wouldn’t be good for any of us.”

In advance of the first chat between the band and The Guardian, Weiss was supposedly “ill” and unable to take part in the interview. In a second interview, the day after her departure was announced, it was revealed that she wasn’t in fact unwell.

The pair revealed that they tried “band therapy” to try and resolve the issue, and that they believed “everyone was really happy about [the band’s upcoming record ‘The Center Won’t Hold].”

The new album, which follows 2015’s ‘No Cities To Love’, is due out next month, and Brownstein revealed that the record was also influenced in part by Rihanna.


Ideas for the St Vincent-produced ‘The Center Won’t Hold’ came to the band while they drove around and heard Rihanna’s track ‘Stay’ played on the radio.